Just Right: The Search for a Spiritual Community

I am a wanderer. Not the kind who has walls full of artifacts from foreign countries or hours of enchanting stories about trips to exotic locales. Instead, I possess an impressive and varied collection of church bulletins.

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Published by Amy Lyles Wilson

Story Coach + Spiritual Director + SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator. I help people tell their hard stories, and facilitate workshops and retreats on such topics as creativity, grief, and spirituality. Published writer and experienced editor. Degrees in English, journalism, and theology. Lover of dogs, coffee, and all things wordsmith-y. Amherst Writers and Artists Affiliate, Spiritual Directors International Member. "It's the sharing of our stories that saves us."

2 thoughts on “Just Right: The Search for a Spiritual Community

  1. Appreciated your thoughts this month–especially the shout out to CPs! That’s more press than we get most weeks…

    1. I do what I can! Thanks for reading and commenting, old friend. I hope all is well in your world. We sang your praises at the recent Div School dinner…

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