Hamblett House Creative & Spiritual Development
{Home of Amy Lyles Wilson & Pilgrim Writers}

“It’s the sharing of our stories that saves us.”

Welcome to Hamblett House, where your wandering souls and your untold stories can find a home. My great-aunt Theora Hamblett was a painter in Mississippi, one of the few outwardly creative twigs in my family tree full of bankers and lawyers. As a child, I thought she was weird. Now that I’m older, I realize she was on to something. So I named my business in her honor.

Fascinating, you might say. But what is it you do, exactly? I help people tell the stories they need to tell through a variety of creative and spiritual practices such as writing, visual journaling, and SoulCollage®, among other life-giving options. I’m part writer/editor, part creativity coach, part spiritual companion. All heart.

In addition, I’m a highly sensitive, word-loving, Southerner who feels right at home just slightly outside the main circle of what’s happening. Close enough to know what’s going on, but far enough off center to meet those fellow pilgrims who are still in search of their people. I’m a law-school dropout, a recovering debutante, and a woman on a mission to help people tell the stories they need to tell. I’m a published writer, an experienced editor, and a trained spiritual director. Peonies are my favorite, I have a thing for British mysteries, Western North Carolina is my soul’s home country, and hearing Van Morrison at the Ryman was a dream come true. Please take a look around and see if I can be of service.—Amy Lyles Wilson

Coaching can help you finish a manuscript, add creativity to your life, or adopt a new spiritual practice.

Pilgrim Writers workshops offer space, craft, and permission for telling the stories you need to tell.

SoulCollage® is an intuitive practice that draws on your inner wisdom to foster self-awareness and growth.