“I believe it’s the sharing of our stories that saves us, and I want you to know your stories—and your restless souls—are welcome here.”

I used to worry a lot about product: bylines, book deals, blog stats. And those things matter in the literary world. I have been published, and there is a huge rush that comes for me in seeing my name in print. I hope to be published again. But even if I’m not, I value the act of writing in and of itself. There is a lot of luck that goes into getting a book deal with a major publishing house, for example, and it’s a numbers game. I don’t want the thing that feeds my soul–writing–to be dependent on luck and numbers. Instead, I want it to revolve around creativity, craft, and community. Please join me.

“Cracked Open My Heart”

“Amy Lyles’ workshop on grief writing cracked open my heart and led me to a place of peace. I will sign up every chance I get.”


“Like Mary Poppins with a Word Spoon”

“Being with Amy Lyles is like hanging out with Mary Poppins and her word spoon.”


“Fabulous Workshop”

“Amy Lyles is a great workshop leader, attentive to individual participants while always being aware of the group as a whole. Informative and inspirational.”