Dream On

By Amy Lyles Wilson, Her Nashville, June 2011 Laura Hileman is a dreamer, and she wants you to be one, too. Hileman, who has been leading dream groups for more than 10 years, believes that “dreams become a portal to prayer and to deeper relationship with the Holy.” A former high-school teacher, Hileman holds degrees from … Continue reading Dream On

Spiritual Housekeeping: In Which a Middle-Aged Goober Bares All

By: Amy Lyles Wilson Before I married my husband, there were two things I was hesitant to tell him. I didn’t see the need to mention that my collection of childhood stuffed animals would be accompanying us to our new home, or that I’d been known to waste more than one perfectly good Saturday watching Murder, … Continue reading Spiritual Housekeeping: In Which a Middle-Aged Goober Bares All

I’ve Got Mail

    In my inbox I find an email from one of the precious young people I had the pleasure of studying with at Vanderbilt University Divinity School a few years back, when I decided that a college campus would be a good place to have a mid-life crisis. Surrounded by thoughtful twenty-somethings who were … Continue reading I’ve Got Mail