Spiritual Housekeeping: In Which a Middle-Aged Goober Bares All

Before I married my husband, there were two things I was hesitant to tell him. I didn’t see the need to mention that my collection of childhood stuffed animals would be accompanying us to our new home, or that I’d been known to waste more than one perfectly good Saturday watching Murder, She Wrote reruns. Those idiosyncrasies I assumed he could handle, even if he didn’t share my affection for teddy bears or Angela Lansbury. Read more here…

One response to “Spiritual Housekeeping: In Which a Middle-Aged Goober Bares All”

  1. Amy,
    A family matter has arisen and I will not be able to make the workshop this Sat. I left a voice mail at Align notifying of my cancellation also. I will attend the next time you do it!
    See you Tues. for our Am I Hungry session.
    Jules Marquart