MayBelle Gets Schooled During the Pandemic

MayBelle has already learned a lot during the first ten or so days of this whatever this is we’re going through. To wit:

  • You can freeze bananas! Just as she was noticing the bananas on the kitchen counter turning brown, and wondering aloud to herself, “I wonder if you can freeze bananas,” one of her friends posed that same question on Instagram. Voila!
  • Facebook is not all bad. In fact, MayBelle is learning, dare she say it, to like Facebook. She’s been a naysayer for a while—sometimes it takes MayBelle longer to catch on than others—mainly because she can’t stomach the political vitriol. (Or the cat memes. Pluto the talking dog, though, that’s something MayBelle can get behind. Seriously, that dog makes MayBelle’s day.) Poor MayBelle can’t handle confrontation of any kind very well, if the truth be known. It’s one of her weakest points. If you yell at her about something, she’ll have a great comeback between six and eleven hours later, but in the moment the most she’ll be able to do is clam up. Or cry. And maybe tell you off in her mind.
  • Even middle-aged goobers can learn how to use Zoom. What an amazing, technological world it is out there, boys and girls. Look for MayBelle to start hosting something or another on Zoom in the near future. 
  • Taking the time to connect with people you’ve meant to get to know better is worth every minute. Through extending her reach just a tad, MayBelle has found another soul-sister; met a neighbor she’d never seen before even though they’ve both lived in the subdivision for more than a decade; formed a bond with a former student from her divinity school days; and been exposed to this fabulous YouTube video from The Moth, “About to Eat Cake”:

Just think what else MayBelle might encounter before this is all over.

What are you discovering?

10 responses to “MayBelle Gets Schooled During the Pandemic”

  1. Hullo MayBelle! Glad to see you ’round these parts again.

    1. She’s glad to be back!

  2. Hi Amy!! So good to read you!! Stay well, friend!!

    1. Thank you! Hope all is well in your world. Love your IG posts…

  3. Welcome back, MayBelle! We’ve missed you!

    1. Glad to be back, old friend!

    2. You make me laugh – love you!

  4. Sharon Machrone Avatar
    Sharon Machrone

    Amy, So happy to see you! I also love Pluto and resist FB mightily, to the point I think the algorithms have rejected me completely. Hope you are well and safe. I look forward to hearing more about MayBelle. Fondly, Sharon

    Sharon Machrone

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    1. Thank you, precious spirit. I hope you and yours are safe and sound. We are hanging in as best we can here in Nashville. I had hoped we might see one another at Haden in May. Another time….