“The Language of Loss” @ Holy Family Catholic Church

“The Language of Loss: Putting Grief into Words”  

Saturday, 10/22/11 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Holy Family Catholic Church

9100 Crockett Road, Brentwood, Tennessee 

Contact Janis Lovecchio. Holy Family Catholic Church, at 373-4351, Ext. 235 or janis.lovecchio@holyfamilycc.com.

Burying a loved one, being downsized at work, growing old, feeling abandoned by God, letting go of a dream…any one of life’s losses can leave us speechless. All of a sudden, the language we’ve relied upon for years no longer has the power to get us through the day, much less express our anger and confusion about our circumstances. Join us and we’ll talk about loss, and language, and the grace that must surely come in-between. Together we’ll find the words for those times when mere words just won’t do.

—Amy Lyles Wilson

Amy Lyles Wilson