MayBelle Watches the St. Louis Cardinals

MayBelle wonders if her husband, Precious, is the only man who gets so worked up about a baseball game that he loses all sense of propriety and couth. She’d like to stay and discuss it with you, but she senses instead that she better go to bed while the gettin’ is good. Before the last inning, in other words.

One response to “MayBelle Watches the St. Louis Cardinals”

  1. We love you, Maybelle! My dear late husband followed all the major sports in addition to the Little Legue World Series, which he was in as a boy. I finially bought a portable DVD player so that I could be in the same room with him as he
    manically changed the channels to keep up with all the scores. Count your blessings Maybelle…it could be worse! Don’t tell Precious, but we were Cubbies fans! Hugs! Cissy