Coaching & Workshops

Working with Amy Lyles Wilson has helped turn my little guilty pleasure of journaling into a more fulfilling pursuit of writing.” —Jamie

IN WORKSHOPS, we focus on process, not product. We don’t worry about split infinitives or conflicting points of view. Using prompts and exercises, we foster creativity, not critique. No one tells you how you “should” write. Your own words are heard and valued just as they are. Let me repeat that: Your own words are heard and valued just as they are. Material offered within the workshop is kept confidential and treated as fiction regardless of its factual components. No prior writing experience is needed, and we consider all who come to the table to be writers worthy of respect.

Workshops are held monthly in Nashville, Tennessee, and at other times throughout the Southeast. Please email me for the current schedule and locations.

Note: Workshops can be tailored for groups, churches, clubs, and schools, around such themes as grief, spiritual autobiography, life transitions, women’s issues.

Let me help you bring your idea to fruition through one-on-one sessions designed with your specific goals in mind, be it finishing your memoir or jump-starting a collection of poems. This can look like whatever you need it to, from weekly meetings to monthly phone calls, occasional check-ins to daylong brainstorming sessions. Let’s get started.

“Amy Lyles Wilson is not only a warm, encouraging, and pleasant editor. She is an auto mechanic with words. She’ll give your minivan of a manuscript a once-over, and then turn it into a muscle car. She’ll drop a V8 engine into your paragraphs, tint the chapter windows, and give your sentences all the torque and clip to make your book fly. Be warned: There might soon be a warrant out for her arrest. A ride with her red pen knows no speed limit, and as far as I can tell, she’s only in third gear.”
—Tyler Blanski, author of Mud & Poetry: Love, Sex, and the Sacred (