These workshops are designed to help you tell the stories you need to tell: for your Self, for your family, for the world. It starts with space, permission, and support. Critique is not the key here; your voice is.


SoulCollage® is an intuitive process designed to honor your inner wisdom and wondering. Spending time with images frees our unconscious mind to make new associations, ask different questions, and establish fresh connections. Anyone can do this process; it’s not about art, it’s about access: to your Self and your Divine.


Every time I return to Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way I am reconnected to the basics for sustaining fulfilling creative-spiritual practices. From morning pages to artist’s dates, Cameron reminds us to do the work, take care of ourselves, and acknowledge our connection to ourselves, our fellow pilgrims, and the Divine. If you’re curious about your connection to creativity, please check out this book. I use this resource in my own practices, and lead small groups in doing the same.